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“I believe the reason our children choose us is to remind us about a deep part of ourselves we may have lost along the way…”

As a Connecticut newborn photographer “Celebrating the Courageous Journey of Motherhood” I see this in my everyday life and Alexa has shown me so many moments that make me catch my breathe and remind me out the importance of our journey together. While there is so much I give to my little girl there is so much SHE gives back to me on a daily basis.

Connecticut newborn Photographer

Yesterday was the last session of the winter semester of gymnastics for Alexa. This is the only time we are allowed down on the gym floor with the gymnasts to watch them. Yesterday while showing me what she does on beam her instructor wanted her to try a handstand for the first time. She quickly looked up at me with fear in her eyes, the same fear I carry everyday and I instantly got anxious for her, I looked at her and said, I know you can try it. It’s ok if you fall, just get bad up. And so she walked, stopped, took direction from her coach and my Courageous little girl pushed past her fear and rocked it at 5 years old.

I caught my breath and the radiant BEAM of her smile after she fell and the joy in her eyes, not that she nailed it, but that she pushed past her fears and tried it and even though it was far from perfect and she fell she did it and that was enough! She celebrated the journey…

Maria-Alexa, Photographer from Maria Fuller on Vimeo.


In order to accomplish our dreams we must take a risk, push past the fear and look to courage and know that even though we may fall at first, there will come a day when we nail it and fly…..

She reminds me everyday to push past my fears, embrace the falls and look to that day in which I will soar…. And I feel this every time I work with a new mama and her newborn baby (Connecticut newborn photographer) or celebrate a maternity session (Connecticut Maternity Photographer)  or laugh along with a mama and her children during family sessions (Connecticut Family Photographer.

How has your child(ren) shown to you their courageous moments and helped you along the “Courageous Journey of motherhood”?

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