Kale Super Food Salad | Healthy eating while still hustling / by Maria Fuller

Being a mother and an entrepreneur means I am constantly on the run, constantly hustling from one thing to the next and there are some days I find myself either forgetting to eat and completely crashing, picking up some crap while I'm running around and THEN crashing or on the rare occasion I manage to find something somewhat healthy and only have a semi-crash. 

Listen, I know the days are hectics and the nights even more so, my morning are like a vortex of tornados running around with fur babies and human babies and moody tweens all about. Self-care is so important these days, the busier you are the more you need it and having a bowl of this awesome Kale and Mango salad filled with delicious superfoods is one way to love your body, your blood sugar levels and time! 

Kale is all the rage these days but lets be honest it can be quite tough and bitter at times. I desperately wanted to learn to love it other than simmering for hours in a soup when its gotten nice and soft and well, not so kale like anymore! So I finally discovered the secret to kale, well a few secrets actually that will make a salad SO EASY, and SO YUMMY that Even your kids will eat it! 


So the first step is you want to pull the kale leaves of that thick stem, save the stems for soup stock, throw them at the dog and see if he can catch them, mulch them, throw them out, I don't care just don't put them in the salad! You want to rip the kale leaves so they are nice and bite sized! Grab a few minions, wash their hands and have them help and while you are all mindlessly pulling on Kale leaves talk about their day! Start with funny questions like, "Did anyone throw up today?" or, " Who wore a red shirt today?" Get them thinking and talking! Then you want to rinse that kale really well, no one wants any "extra protein" in the salad! 

Next grab a purple cabbage, take the outer yucky leaves off and rinse well. You want to take off about 1/6 of it and then slice it really thinly. Nothing fancy but things pieces, throw that on top of your kale!


Next, grab a few carrots, peel the outer skin layer off and then grate or shred into the bowl. I usually get minions to help me grate, they love the sound it makes and squeal when they are doing it. I usually end up having to pull out a few more carrots cause they eat the carrots as fast as they grate them!


Next you are going to drizzle some really good olive oil into the bowl containing the kale, cabbage and carrots. Grab a few pinches of kosher salt and sprinkle on top. Now for the fun part and either you can do it or your minions if you are brave but don't blame me if a kale food fight starts up! You want to massage the kale. Yup, you heard me right! Squish that veggie goodness mixture and after a few minutes something magical happens! The kale and veggies will start to wilt and get soft, almost like if you steamed them but WITHOUT loosing all the vitamin goodness! Once wilted we will move onto the dressing.


Now this is where you need to get creative. Notice I didn't give you measurements on any of the veggies. You can make a BIG kale salad or a little one so you need to guesstimate how much you want of everything and make it to your liking! SO for the dressing you are going to take a lemon or a few, and you want to roll them a few time on the counter pressing down with your palm to get them ready for juicing! Juice your lemons into a bow and then you are gonna drizzle in some honey. I like to you a raw organic honey that isn't hard. You can make it as sweet as you want. I like a nice balance of sweet plus tanginess and the sweeter the more likely your kids will eat it! Drizzle that onto your salad and mix well. Grab a kale leaf and try it! Too sweet? Add some lemon? To tangy add a little more honey mixed with lemon! Its all how YOU want it! Grab a few mangos, or in my case, Stew Leonards tub of already cut mango; SCORE! No mango peeling for me! Dice them up and throw them into the salad. 

At this point you can get creative and add what you want! Slivered almonds, pecans, walnuts, gogi berries, grapes, sun flower seed, pipits and on! This Time I had some grapes lying around so I halved those and there them in and then sprinkled some salted pepitas on and Voila! DONE! Like 15 minutes people and this will last 2-3 days!

So thats it! Super easy, super yummy and even the kids will eat it! Let me know what you think and what cool add-ins you tried!