The Body Empowerment Workshop


There is nothing more beautiful than self confidence...

In this digital heavy era girls today face more body image issues than any other generation. The integration of social media and digital platforms such as Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram, apps in everyday life put an immense amount of strain and pressure on girls to look a certain way or behave a certain way. Editing filters that enhance images are creating unrealistic expectations of what girls think real women look like and causes a rollercoaster cycle of self depreciation, esteem issues and body dysmorphia at varying levels. 

The Body Empowerment Workshop is a unique workshop that looks to build a girls self esteem and self value, it helps her to process the messages in social media and opens her eyes to the REALITY of photography and what many models go through to look a certain way before being photographed and after during digital image editing. With this education on hand we then work on celebrating everything unique about her.

During the workshop we work on shifting self value and self worth on WHAT I LOOK LIKE to WHO I AM. We work on personal development skills through a method called bullet journaling that will help her to work on Healthy Habits to set her up for success both in mind and body. The method teaches girls self development skills that include:  Intention Setting, Goal setting, Gratuity for everything she has and has accomplished, healthy lifestyle and organization in life and mind. She will learn to breathe deeply and meditate to reduce stress and anxiety and help her focus during challenging times. She will learn to create lasting bonds and friendships with other girls and learn to see them as a companion and comrade rather than her competition. She will learn to find strong women role models and mentors to help her on her journey and much more. The end of the workshop ends with a mini photosession creating powerful images of a girl full of self confidence, self worth and grace to remind her everyday of the incredible girl she is! 



What it includes:

  • 7 Hour Workshop
  • Bullet journal and materials
  • One healthy snack and lunch (please advise us of food allergies or restrictions)
  • Swag Bag with fun gifts
  • Mini photo session and your choice of 5 full resolution digital files with printing rights
  • Lots of smiles, fun, increased self esteem and self value, new friendships and strong women mentors!
  • and much, much more...

Workshops are hosted by Maria in her studio or the workshop is also available for schools, gyms, dance studios etc. Maria has a strong background working with girls in dance, gymnastics, cheer and athletic sports that place a strong emphasis on body appearance. If you are interested in bringing this workshop to your gym or studio please email us (  for more information as group rates are available. This workshop creates an incredible bonding experience for girls in team sports.