Defined by No man, you are your own story, blazing through the world, turning history into herstory. And when they die tell you about all the things you cannot be, you smile and tell them, I am both War and Woman and you cannot stop me.

~Nikkita Gill

Dear Mother, 

Tell your daughter you love your body so that she may love her own. Tell her stories of each stretch mark, physical scar and emotional bonds that almost broke you so that she embraces her own and doesn’t break when she falls. We all fall down at sometime but it is HOW WE RISE from the depth of our despair that determines our story. SHOW her she doesn't need a prince but she will be her own hero to save herself when you do the same for yourself.

~Maria Fuller

Teach her of the Magic of the Universe and her gift of Intuition and of her power to Manifest her Dreams

Real Fairy Tales are those of Women who Loved themselves so Fiercely that when the world told them what they couldn't be they laughed and said, "watch me".