"I Love You - Now Leave Me Alone"


Currently in PRELAUNCH- will officially launch by June 30, 2017!

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Welcome my friends to the transition between childhood and adolescence. This tumultuous time is magnified even more these days with society's demanding need for girls to “grow up” at an alarming rate and faster than their brains are developing.

What if I told you that I can teach you to identify these growth periods, understand the reasoning on WHY she is pushing you away and why its VITAL that you let her and give you the tools and some techniques on how to navigate this rocky time?

This 6 part series is for anyone with a girl ages 5+ or who works with girls in this age group. While you may think that 5 is way too young to even start thinking about this, many of the tools and techniques, if implemented at an earlier age BEFORE these changes begin will make this transition that much easier for both of you.

My goal is to give you the tools to be able to still keep open the lines of communication with your daughter, let her know that you understand that this is HER journey and you just want to help guide her on it, help her to begin to navigate this journey a bit more independently, which is what she craves and at the end come out of this with your heart still intact and a solid relationship.

You will learn:

  • how to ask the right questions, at the right time
  • navigating the difference between privacy and secrecy
  • how to find out what is really going on in their world, straight from her and her friends mouths
  • how to deal with her if she is mean
  • the “push-pull” effect
  • how to establish open channels of communication that work
  • why she can organize a 5K fundraiser for a friend and raise $5,000 but isn't capable of making a dentist appointment
  • how puberty rushes some girls in growing up faster than they are ready for and how to deal with it
  • how to navigate this time without heartbreak for you and empower her!

This is all taught through a series of 5-7 minute videos, PDFs to read, worksheets and other resources to help you on this journey. The research behind this series comes from current day literature, sociologists, psychologists, neuro-biologists, social workers and more condensed in a easy read and watch to self navigate at-your-own-pace.