We live in a world where women are FINED for trying to cover up in sports, but EXPELLED from schools if their shoulders are showing. 

What if we taught them to celebrate their ever-changing bodies and be comfortable in their own skin from an early age? What if we as mothers did the same?

Hey Mama!

I am SO GLAD you are here! It's no coincidence that you have found yourself in my circle, reading, nodding your head and your heart fluttering from the images and powerful words. Finally, someone who understands what your heart is going through. Someone who sees you and understands this journey you have been on  not only yourself but maybe with your daughter(s) as well. See, I am on that journey with you as well, just two steps ahead of you. I understand both the darkness and the light that comes with being a woman and mother and understand how hard it is to be really seen in a world full of noise telling you that you are "too much" or "not enough". Welcome to my inner circle mama, you have found your people.

Motherhood & Family Sessions

Let's talk about the Elephant in the room...

in the past decade and then some I have worked with HUNDREDS of women and girls of all ages and in all my years working with them in front of or behind the lens I have YET to find ONE SINGLE WOMAN who isn't uncomfortable with some aspect of her body and MOST are uncomfortable behind the camera. WHEW..... Don't you feel better reading that? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are here because you want to be captured, remembered and treasured, we all do but it is scary to be so vulnerable to allow yourself be captured and to really be seen.

I get you.

I understand.

I am you.

You are me.

About the Session

All of my Motherhood and Family Session start with meeting me, either a phone call or I prefer a zoom call. Yeah, I know we are all over the whole zoom thing but trust me on this. When we meet face to face AHEAD of our session it is the first step into taking down some of those barriers we all put up to protect our hearts. But, I need you to drop some of them so that I can really capture you and the love you have for your family and children. On our call we are going to get down to the nitty gritty of motherhood, the good and the bad, you are talking to a kindred spirit, a long lost friend you didn't know you had. We will also talk about details and wardrobe, your concerns on being photographed and anything else. You will get off the call and take in a deep breathe and know you made the right choice.

The day of the session it will be like seeing an old friend. We are going to laugh, probably sweat a little wrangling children and maybe drop a few potty jokes to make that grumpy teen laugh.. hey whatever it takes! It won't be as torturous as you thought it would be, in fact you might even enjoy it a little!

A week or two after your session we will meet on zoom again to go through your images together. Why?! Because one of the joys of my life is watching you see the images for the first time. Seeing your reaction to all the love in your heart being captured is why I do what I do. I'm selfish really, but your joyful tears is the fuel to my fire to keep doing the work I do both in front of and behind the lens. We will go through the image together, i'll help you make your selections and if you wish to print anything we can talk about it at that time. It will be fun and easy and I make that agonizing decision making process super easy and fun!

The end result are priceless and every time you look at the images you will thank the Universe that you took that courageous leap that day to email me and work together. I will also thank the Universe that you trusted in me to be truly seen.

You see this is an energetic exchange of the hearts, we need each other and together we will make *MaGiC*

Session Fee is $595 and includes all of the above and 5 High resolution Digital files with print release

Sessions take place in and around Southbury, CT. Available for travel for additional fee.

Additional digital files, prints and framed pieces available for additional purchase

Girl Empowerment Sessions

Showing Girls the Power of Within

Girl Empowerment Sessions seeks to remind girls of who they are and the answers they have within. Using a methodology with foundations in the Socratic Method we show girls how they have many answers within themselves and how we believe that they have amazing ideas and insights and can change the world. 

Girl Empowerment Sessions consist of a Socratic Discussion that help girls connect with themselves, inspires them to dream big, set goals and find solutions to some of their own challenges or obstacles. I help girls find their strengths and acknowledge their challenging areas and then come up with ideas on how to overcome some of the things that challenge them! We talk about school, family, relationships and the things they are passionate about. This is done using video conferencing software from the comfort of your home. 

We then move into a photography experience that helps girls connect with different facets of their personalities since we want girls to know that they can be one way in the classroom and another way on the sports field or dance studio! Part of the preparation for the photography experience is talking to girls about what they are going to wear and how they control the power of how they want to be seen in the world by others which is one of the first steps towards teaching them to be responsible with their image on social media etc. 

After the photography experience  is the big reveal where we take girls through a process where they view the images. The goal is to view the images together and have a discussion on how simple things from lighting to posing to the simple tilt of the head can change the entire emotion and message of an image. With the extracurricular images girls are able to see some of their strengths and weaknesses, this has proven to be especially beneficial for dancers, gymnasts and those sports with a heavy emphasis on body placement to achieve desire results in a maneuver.

The Final Piece...

is that I help girls find images that are reflective of who they are at their core and how they want to be seen in the world. My goal is for girls to leave from this experience with some beautiful artwork to be displayed in their rooms as a reminder to themselves every morning when they wake up of this incredible experience, how Amazing they felt and how Fabulous they are! 

Session Fee is $595 and includes all of the above and 5 High resolution Digital files with print release

Sessions take place in and around Southbury, CT. Available for travel for additional fee.

Additional digital files, prints and framed pieces available for additional purchase

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