Oh my darling girl, they will tell you ” you are too much” and then turn around and tell you ” you are not enough” the next moment. You are growing up in a world where women are FINED for trying to cover up in sports, but EXPELLED from schools if their shoulders are showing. You are told you are showing too much skin in one place and not enough in another. You either develop “too soon” or ” too late”. Perfection doesn’t exist but it is commanded of you everywhere you turn and social media, we aren’t even going to touch that…. ” You should smile more, you are too pretty not to smile”. “Why do you smile so much, no one will take you seriously?” ….

You need more curves, wear tighter clothes. You are too curvy, cover up. Your breasts are too big, hide them. They are too small, get a padded bra. Shave your legs. A feminist doesn’t shave. Here are 11438902542088 ways to get rid of cellulite. You are 12 you shouldn’t have cellulite. You don’t even know what cellulite is but you are worried you have it.

It is no wonder that women of all ages are suffering from body image issues and body dysmorphia. They are sent mixed messages from an early age on how they need to show up in the world and what is and isn’t acceptable and once they feel like they are on the right path they turn and are faced with an opposing message. The result are little girls who are uncomfortable the moment their bodies start to change and it doesn’t stop because the reality is that as women our bodies are ever changing from 12 to 22, 44 or 66.

But what if we taught girls from a young age to celebrate their bodies as they evolve and change regardless of age? What if we saw girls and women at each moment and celebrated who they are without shame, without rules, without criticisms and celebrated their own unique and multi-faceted beauty? What if we taught girls to shut out what they world tells them they should be and do and let them decide that for themselves?

What if we taught girls to embrace and love their soft curves, the dimpling in their thighs, the stretch marks that naturally occur as a part of rapid and beautiful growth. What if we let them celebrate their changing bodies without shame or being told to cover up or have to carry the weight of inappropriate boggling eyes? What if we taught girls that their femininity is a super power?

What if we also told them that they don’t always have to be soft and feminine but they can also be strong, silly, joyful, loud, quiet and more? That being multi-faceted is a gift and allows them to navigate life’s journey.

What if we taught girls to stop relying on the outside world to dictate how they show up and instead to rely on what feels good to them? What if we taught them to connect to their intuition, their inner compass that is there to guide them on their journey?

What if we taught girls to look at themselves as their own hero? What if we taught girls to celebrate their bodies, not only what it allows them to do but it is also their own canvas to paint and drape with fabric and a form of self expression?

My darling daughter I hope that you look back at these images and see your own inner beauty shining through. I hope you celebrate your own transformation from caterpillar to butterfly your wings are just starting to stretch out and one day you will soar.

I hope you continue to be captured year after year as your body changes and evolves and that you look at the images like you did with these and say, “Wow, these are beautiful, these are me”. I hope you continue to see your own beauty and MaGiC and don’t let anyone tell you to dumb it down or cover it up.

I hope you continue to drown out the noise of the world and continue to listen to the soft whispers of your heart as only they know the true way to your most joyful journey. I hope you continue to celebrate your strength, resiliency, femininity and that you choose how to show and celebrate those facets in a way that feels good to you.

But most of all, I hope you continue to laugh. To not take yourself so seriously. To really feel those dark moments and find your way to the light that always follows. I hope you continue to define your own beauty and hush the naysayers. I hope you continue to be you. XO


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